Indiana photographer captures what really happens during a newborn photo shoot

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GREENSBURG, Ind. (March 30, 2016) – An Indiana photographer captured a hilarious photo during a newborn photo shoot, and even though she had a feeling it would be popular, she had no idea that it would get international attention!

Farren and Jeff Carlson, of Greensburg, gave birth to their third son, Pryor, in February. Farren wanted to do something artsy for his newborn photo session. Farren is a photographer herself, so she knows that in order to get artsy photos the diaper must come off!

So when Pryor was eight days old, they scheduled a session with Abbie Rogers.

Abbie, 24, has been in the photography business for five years, and she has done numerous newborn photo sessions.

According to Abbie, during a newborn session, the baby is typically naked for a couple of hours, so the chances of an accident happening are pretty great.

Abbie says she started with shots of just Farren and Pryor, and then she added Jeff to the photos. Shortly after Jeff stepped in, Pryor started squirming, and that’s when he gave them all a show! Abbie was taking pictures at just the right time to capture his golden moment.

“My first thought was ‘Holy cow this child has some distance!’ I don’t think any parent of boys is completely ready to almost get hit in the face, even though it’s not shocking when it does,” Farren said.

Farren says even though she was soaked during the rest of the session, it didn’t bother her at all and they thought it was hysterical. “It was just another day being a mom,” Farren said.

Abbie posted the “blooper” photo to show people what it’s really like during a newborn photo session. “I knew it was funny, but it’s just the reality of what happens during a newborn session!” said Abbie.

Farren says that being from a “small town in Indiana” they never fathomed their picture would go viral!

Pryor is only five-weeks-old now, but we have a feeling his parents will be sharing this picture with future girlfriends years down the road.

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