Hoosiers get a look at November’s special ‘supermoon’

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You may have noticed the moon looking a little bigger and brighter Monday morning.

In fact, the moon looks larger than it has in 68 years. The “supermoon” is the largest so far of the 21st century, and you won’t see another like it until 2034.

A “supermoon” occurs when the moon becomes full on the same days as its perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. They generally look 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than other full moons.

The best view of the supermoon for Hoosiers is around 6:20 a.m. Monday. It’ll also be visible Monday night.

"Anywhere in the country will have a great view. The best time to go out is after sunset as the moon rises but really any time Sunday night, Monday morning, or Monday night would be prime viewing for seeing it,” said Noah Petro with NASA.

“Just make sure you have a spot with a good view of the sky away from tall buildings, trees, bright lights and it should be a spectacular sight.”

According to NASA, this month’s supermoon is special because it “becomes full within about two hours of perigee—arguably making it an extra-super moon.”

In America, the November full moon is also called a “Beaver Moon” because it arrives at the time of year when fur trappers would hunt beavers.

We’re not quite through with supermoons just yet! Another will rise on Dec. 14. That moon will obscure another astronomical phenomenon, the Geminid meteor shower.

The annual meteor show got its name because the meteors look like they’re coming from the constellation of Gemini. However, the supermoon’s brighter appearance on Dec. 14 will make it more difficult to see the meteor shower.

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