If you’re the king or queen of napping, this job’s for you.

Mattress company Casper is looking for people who don’t mind being caught sleeping on the job.

The New York-based company is hiring “Casper Sleepers” to show off their sleeping skills in public and on social media.

The job responsibilities are pretty clear: sleep. That could mean in Casper stores and “unexpected settings out in the world.”

The ideal candidates will spend their waking hours sharing their experiences with TikTok-style content shared on Casper’s various social channels.

The company is seeking heavy sleepers—people whose dress code screams “pajamas” and have the “ability to sleep through anything.”

Casper Sleepers will have the flexibility of a part-time schedule and receive free Casper products. They must be 18 or older and willing to “capture content and be featured in social content.”

Interested applicants can go here. The company also encourages people to hit them up on TikTok. New York area-based residents are “preferred but not required.”

Don’t get caught napping—the job application is open until Thursday, Aug. 11.