HOUSTON — An Indiana-based global power technology company made an impact by gifting a 102-year-old World War II veteran in Texas a standby generator.

Cummins gave the generator to Ray Robinson of Houston and had it installed at his family home free of charge with the help of A&A Genpro.

“Our mission is to make people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world, and Cummins is committed to utilizing our skills and resources to improve the lives of those in communities across the globe, said Karla Haack, Vice President of Power Generation Consumer Sales at Cummins.

“I was immensely proud to represent Cummins as we collaborated with A&A GenPro to gift an American product to an American hero,” said Dillion Chennault, CSSNA Dealer Account Executive at Cummins Sales and Service, North America.

Standby generators are often useful for people who live in Houston due to the extreme heat and hurricanes that can develop in the area.

Cummins is based out of Columbus, Indiana.