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U.S. – NASA is planning to send pictures into space, hoping to communicate with other lifeforms out there. One of those images is naked humans.

The hope is to familiarize aliens with the way humans look to make them feel more comfortable with us. Almost like an invitation to interact with humans, but with pictures of naked humans. The male and female are waving in this image, to appear more inviting.

NASA will also send images of math problems, DNA structures, our Solar System, and a few other images.

This study included a map of the Solar System “with the indication of where the Earth is found relative to our host star and the other planets – along with a digitized map of Earth with relative proportions of land to water. This provides the ETI with the necessary information to make contact with us either by sending a follow on transmission to Earth or, if their technology is sufficiently advanced, by sending a physical vehicle to Earth at some point in the future. They will also include an invitation to respond if any aliens find the images in space.”

This effort is part of the “Beacon in the Galaxy” project which aims to send messages to other lifeforms. According to a report, these images will be sent in binary code because it is the “universal language across all intelligence”.

This report adds, “helping drive an open debate of the issue towards a maximally-informed consensus should rationally be a common goal of our civilization and stands among the purposes of this study”

This actually isn’t the first time images of humans were sent to space in hopes of contacting aliens. The Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft launched plaques and discs, sending cultural information including human greetings.