NAACP responds to officer-involved shooting of Aaron Bailey


Aaron Bailey

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The NAACP has issued a statement regarding the fatal shooting of 45-year-old Aaron Bailey Thursday morning.

They said in a press release to the media the following:

“Use of excessive force by law enforcement officers can no longer be tolerated in our communities. The lack of accountability erodes trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve which impedes the ability to solve crime,” Mrs. Ratcliffe said. “The NAACP is committed to a proactive approach to police shootings and all other forms of police brutality. Our solution to this egregious problem is accountability.

“It is a human and civil rights issue. When there are no systems for accountability, safety is affected and anyone can be a victim. Let Indianapolis be the last time people lose their lives and families are terrorized by a police force without accountability. Law enforcement accountability means safer communities for us all.”

The NAACP Indianapolis leadership, community leaders, faith leaders and concerned citizens are reportedly calling for the following:

  • A credible investigation into the incident and accountability for the law enforcement officer’s actions.
  • Establishment of a civilian review board with subpoena power.
  • 3. The U.S. Department of Justice to launch a full criminal and “pattern and practice” investigation into the Indianapolis police force, which has experienced a rash of police shootings in the past 10 years.
  • Congress to enact legislation to mandate official standards for and training in the use of force for all law enforcement officers.  Congressman John Conyers has introduced the Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act.

IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said the investigation has two parts, investigative and administrative. He said the investigation would take time and would be a “true test” of his department.

He expects the officers involved will at some point appear in front of a grand jury. After that occurs, officers can give their statements to IMPD

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