Mysterious nightly boom noises frustrate, spook Monroe County neighbors

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STANFORD, Ind. — Neighbors in Monroe County aren’t afraid of what goes bump in the night, but they sure are frustrated by it.

For the past two weeks, loud booms have woken homeowners near Stanford, outside of Bloomington, in the middle of the night. They start around 11 p.m. and repeat every 15 to 30 minutes.

"It's keeping us up at night," one neighbor told us. "We are not able to go to sleep because we hear these loud noises, and my daughter is waking up.”

"It rattles the walls. The whole house shakes when it happens," Travis York said.

"The neighbor's dog, she starts pacing in the early evening because she knows it's coming," Cathy Hudson said.

“This last week and the last few days, it’s been quite a few every night,” Ronnie Campbell said.

Neighbors thought they may be fireworks, however, no one ever sees an explosion in the air. They believe it may be happening near Kirksville and Harmony Road.

"It looks like daylight outside when it happens, like it lights up the whole area," York said. His wife Kim added, "Our 9- and 10-year-old came back because they thought something had exploded in our house."

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said they have no reports of blast noises, but the people we spoke with said they’ve called to report it. Sheriff Brad Swain suggests it could be someone shooting at tannerite, which is an explosive target for marksmen. He also said the noise could be from operations at Crane Naval Base in nearby Greene County, but neighbors believe that’s too far.

It appears the mystery remains.

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