Muncie restaurant employee claims boss forced her into freezer after refusing green card marriage


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MUNCIE, Ind. — A man is facing battery and other charges after one of his employees at a Muncie restaurant told police he forced her into a freezer against her will for refusing a green card marriage.

Officers responded to the Steak City Fish & Chicken restaurant located at 1428 South Walnut Street shortly before 10 p.m. Friday.

When police arrived, they spoke to a woman who claimed her boss, 27-year-old Mohammad Abu Rumman, grabbed her upper arms and kicked her leg as he forced her into a freezer after she refused to marry his brother so he could obtain a green card. She told police she was in the freezer for about 20 minutes before Rumman let her out.

Once out, Rumman took her cell phone, which was sitting on the counter, and the work phone so that she could not call police, the woman told MPD. He returned her phone to her at 11 p.m. when she got off work.

The woman stated that she spoke with the restaurant manager, who instructed her not to call police without speaking with her first and to come into work the next afternoon.

When she arrived at work Saturday, the manager told her Rumman would not give her a paycheck if she called police, the woman claimed. She told police that when Rumman arrived, he began to argue with her and grabbed her arm as he tried to pull her into the back of the restaurant. She stated that she told customers to call 911 if he pulled her into the back. The woman was then able to pull away, grab a work phone and run outside, where she called police.

The woman also called her friend, who arrived at the scene as the manager was walking out. They told police that Rumman offered her his vehicle if she did not call police.

She also told officers that in the past, Rumman had put plastic bags over her head while working.

Police said the woman had visible bruises on her arms and right leg.

MPD says officers arrested Rumman and read him his rights. When asked about the bruises, Rumman told them he and his brother play around and put each other in the freezer to pass time and that it was only for fun, according to police.

Rumman was taken to the Delaware County Jail on charges of battery, criminal confinement, intimidation and interference reporting a crime.

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