Muncie police stock toys in squad cars for kids in need

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MUNCIE, Ind. – After a recent increase in cases involving children, police in Muncie are stepping up to find ways to make them feel more comfortable.

Officer Chase Winkle said Muncie police was a recipient of donations from holiday toy drives, but the gifts run out after a few months. He also said often, they don’t get enough of a variety of toys for kids of all ages.

On Tuesday, police went on a shopping spree, thanks for donations from officers and members of the community.

They picked out more than $2,000 worth of toys, clothes, and toiletries.

Baskets full of goods will be kept in two officer’s patrol cars, one per 12 hour shift.

Officer Winkle and Officer Sara Mench will be in charge of the distribution. If an officer responds to a call where young children are present, Officer Winkle and Officer Mench will also respond.

Winkle said he interacts with children on nearly every call in some way and hopes these toys can help put a smile on their faces.

“From the worst of the worst to just your normal calls for service and the kids are typically oblivious. They have no idea what’s going on in the house. They have no idea why the police are there. They see us. They see our uniforms and they’re usually drawn to us or very afraid of us,” Winkle said.

He added, “these toys give us the opportunity, no matter what’s going on with mom or dad or why we’re there, you give a kid a couple of toys and set them into their bedroom and they’re happy as can be. Mom and dad may not like us. They may never like us, but these kids might grow up thinking that cop was pretty cool.”

Police are also carrying toiletries and clothes for kids and adults in need. You can donate funds or items to the Muncie Police Department.

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