Muncie opens new comprehensive clinic for opioid addiction

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MUNCIE, Ind. -- There’s now a new resource for people struggling with opioid use in Muncie. A new comprehensive treatment center will offer medication and therapy sessions for those hoping to turn their lives around.

The center will lessen the burden on many in Delaware County who’ve had trouble with addiction now that they no longer have to travel to Richmond or Indianapolis. This is the sixth location in the state, the most northern location in Indiana and the first in Muncie.

"This location again they have not been immune to the opioid crisis,” said Acadia Healthcare, CTC Program Regional Director, Luke Mohr.

The program is put on by Acadia healthcare. After patients are admitted, they'll take a physical, go through a couple of assessments, meet with counselors, and then receive medication on site. All of this happens on the first day.

But patients must be in a mild withdraw meaning they haven’t used drugs in 24-48 hours before they can be admitted.

"It's a holistic approach so we will provide medication, counseling here, group individual pretty much anything that we can to help people get back to living a normal life,” said Mohr.

Getting back to normal life can be expensive usually thousands a month, but not here. The State of Indiana includes treatment in its Medicaid program. Acadia offers commercial insurance, and they offer a bundle rate for patients that are just $16 dollars a day.

“Which compared to an inpatient option several other treatment modalities are extremely affordable and that's a way we can reach more people,” said Mohr.

Muncie Fire officials say they responded to more than 300 overdoses in 2019. The Delaware County Coroner's Office says more than 100 overdose deaths occurred in the same year.

Mohr is looking forward to combating those numbers but he says it must be a two-fold approach.

"This is a voluntary program, it's their lives we're here to help them get it back, we can't do it for them,” said Mohr.

The center says 15 people are already signed up to begin treatment next week.

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