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By Douglas Walker, The Muncie Star Press

 Muncie mother was arrested Monday night after she was accused of neglecting her two-month-old infant. She also allegedly spit in a Muncie police officer’s face, according to our news gathering partners at the Muncie Star Press.

And she reportedly told that officer she was a werewolf.

However, 33-year-old Anastasia Ruth McCormack was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, not the Delaware County jail.

Police were called to McCormack’s apartment in the 3000 block of West Bethel Avenue about 8:40 p.m. after an acquaintance reported she had found McCormack’s baby “laying on the couch unattended, and nude.”

The woman told police McCormack had no baby formula and had been feeding the infant dairy milk. The witness — and an officer who arrived at the scene — also reported finding a “silver-spoon with an off-white residue inside it,” along with a hypodermic needle.

The officer wrote that when she was informed she was being arrested, McCormick “immediately became belligerent… uttering nonsense, and then spit on me.”

While being taken to the hospital, the Muncie woman reportedly told the officer she was a werewolf. She was preliminarily charged with neglect of a dependent, battery and possession of paraphernalia.

Child Protective Services workers were called to the scene.

McCormack had been scheduled to stand trial Tuesday in Muncie City Court on six charges — resisting law enforcement, battery and disorderly conduct, filed last May, and battery, public intoxication and disorderly conduct, filed last July.

She was convicted of resisting law enforcement and criminal trespass in 2011.

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