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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie man facing two murder charges after a deadly home invasion is seeking the insanity defense.

On Tuesday, a lawyer representing Daniel Jones filed a notice of defense of mental disease or defect. This is the start of a process for Jones to pursue an insanity defense.

Jones faces several charges, including two counts of murder, after police say he admitted to helping wrap up and dispose of a body after co-defendant Devin Myers shot his friend in the face. Court documents say after that shooting, the two went to the victim’s home where two other people were shot to death during the home invasion.

The documents state that Jones ran out of the home when he heard gunshots. While driving away from the scene, he threw his gun out of the window.

Along with the two murder charges, Jones was charged with aiding, inducing or causing armed robbery, criminal confinement, conspiracy to commit robbery, obstruction of justice and resisting law enforcement. The prosecutor’s office also said Jones should be considered a habitual offender.

Along with the notice, the defense requested the judge to appoint medical health professionals to examine Jones. The defense also requested advance notice of the time and place so they could be present.

In return, Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman filed an objection to counsel being present for the examination. In the objection, Hoffman said it is outside the professional norm of forensic psychology to have a third party present during a forensic psychological examination.

On Wednesday, Judge Thomas Cannon ordered the examination to determine if Jones suffers from a mental disease or defect. The judge agreed with the prosecution’s objection. The judge said the council can meet with Jones before and after the examination, but cannot be present while it is taking place.

A trial in the case against Jones is scheduled to begin on January 16.