UPDATE (09/07/2023): Police announced Thursday, Sept. 7, that officers had arrested 28-year-old Malik Wilson while conducting a search warrant in the 800 block of S. Madison. Wilson, who police identified via surveillance video, faces preliminary charges of felony firearm possession, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and possession of cocaine.


MUNCIE, Ind. — A shootout in the streets of a Muncie neighborhood left a van and home riddled with bullets on Friday evening.

It happened on South Jefferson Street in broad daylight. Home surveillance cameras captured a person firing several shots in the middle of the street before taking cover behind a nearby tree.

Courtesy: Bob’s Balloons

A work van owned by Schaivon Nevings was parked on the street and hit numerous times.

The bullets shattered the van’s rear window, left several holes in the windshield and pierced the hood. They also hit his fence, and at least one hit his home and ended up in the ceiling of his living room.

“It does make me feel a little on edge, but we’re just trying to persevere through and pick up the pieces of someone else’s recklessness,” Nevings said.

Nevings said he wasn’t home when the shootout happened. Pictures he took showed Muncie Police processing the scene and collecting bullet casings.

Other neighbors said they were shaken up by what happened but weren’t shocked.

“Maybe areas around here on the southside are not always the best,” Ronald Whitby said. “But it’s not typical for us here.”

The shooting has also put a halt to Nevings’ businesses. He said he runs several, including “Bob’s Balloons,” which makes balloon animals and other items at events. Nevings said it’s his most profitable business, and he relies on his van to do it.

“It just really puts us in a tough situation,” Nevings said. “We were just sitting down, figuring out how we’re going to navigate the next couple weeks because now we’re just down to one car.”

While he’s glad nobody was hurt in the shooting, he is left with a lot of questions. As a lifelong resident of Muncie, he’s wondering how and why the place he’s called home for so long has become so violent.

“The recklessness here is just like … it’s insane,” Nevings said.

FOX59 and CBS4 reached out to Muncie Police for the latest information on the incident and have yet to hear back. Anyone with information is urged to give detectives a call at 765-747-4822.