Muncie drug bust caught on video

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MUNCIE, Ind. (October 29, 2015) – A Muncie man is behind bars for allegedly selling heroin to undercover officers. The drug bust was all caught on video.

CBS4 has obtained exclusive video showing the suspect selling and using heroin in the presence of an undercover officer with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect, who CBS4 has been asked not to identify, is heard bragging about the type of heroin he just sold to the officer.

“This is beautiful. You will never get a (expletive) good deal like that, nowhere else in Muncie and that’s the best (expletive)in town. That’ll calm your (expletive) heart,” he said.

The suspect also feeds his own addiction. Officers said he asked for cash and some of the drugs as part of the deal.

“Break me a piece off. Give me a nice chunk of that (expletive) man,” the suspect said.

Undercover officers said they wanted to get a large amount of drugs from the suspect. He sold them 2.6 grams of heroin.

“We wanted to try to get as much off the streets that we could, so we wanted to buy a large amount,” the undercover officer stated.

The suspect starts to catch on that he’s been set up and tries to run away. The undercover officer jumps over the seat and tackles the suspect to the ground.

“We don’t know if this guys coming armed. We don’t know if the other party’s coming armed, so we gotta pretend like we’re gonna have a major incident and we gotta protect the public,” the officer said.

All agencies in Delaware County are running on a zero tolerance police when it comes to drugs.

“I want this out of my community and if you’re the one buying or selling or bringing this, I want you out of my community,” said Delaware County Prosecutor, Jeffrey Arnold.

The prosecutor said the drug problem is now an epidemic. He’s been vocal at the state level about changing policy and law when it comes to drug offenses. Until changes are made, he does have a message for anyone who tries to buy or sell drugs in his county.

“I got some product for him that he’s gonna hopefully be meeting in the department of corrections here pretty soon,” Arnold said.


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