911 service restored after multiple counties report issues


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UPDATE: As of 9 p.m., 911 service appears to be restored everywhere.

CENTRAL INDIANA — Agencies in several central Indiana counties are alerting residents that 911 lines are experiencing issues.

Agencies from Hancock County, Shelby County, and Delaware County have reported that all 911 lines are down at this time. Lawrence and Indianapolis International Airport officials have also confirmed 911 issues.

Madison County, Boone County, Shelby County, Brownsburg, and Hendricks County officials say 9-1-1 and the non-emergency line are now fully functional.

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  • Boone County and Madison County agencies have informed residents that text to 911 is still working as of the time of this report.
  • Hancock County 911 is informing people to 317-477-4400 for police, fire, and medical calls within the county.
  • The Lawrence Police Department says their calls would have automatically rolled over to Marion County, so they should have been no missed calls. Lawrence calls are now being rerouted to their backup lines and the situation is still being worked on.
  • The Shelby County Emergency Call Center encourages residents to still call 911 if they have an emergency. If they have a non-emergency to call 317.392.5108 or 317.398.6661. Text-to-911 is still operational.
  • Delaware County officials say technicians are working to resolve the issue and service is coming back online. If you call 911 and can’t get through the text 911 service is working – text your emergency information to 911.
  • Officials with the Indianapolis International Airport say they are experiencing issues with their 9-1-1 calls and are using a backup system.

We are working to determine why several 911 centers went down. We will provide any information that we learn as we get it.

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