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FRANKLIN, Ind. – Multiple law enforcement agencies arrested dozens of people as part of a massive drug sweep Thursday in Johnson County.

The overwhelming number of cases involved methamphetamine, investigators said, with cocaine and other drugs involved in other cases.

“The breakdown of some of some of those counts was 135 counts for dealing methamphetamine, 24 counts of dealing heroin, eight counts of dealing cocaine and 20 counts of dealing controlled substances,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper.

The operation involved federal resources along with Indiana State Police, Johnson County agencies and several local police departments. Police served 120 warrants and had made 61 arrests as of 1:30 p.m. Thursday. More warrants were being served in the afternoon.

“I hear all the time people say you can’t solve the problem with arrests and that’s crap,” said Johnson County prosecutor Brad Cooper.  “That’s the only way you solve it.  We want to get the poison off the streets.”

Prosecutor Brad Cooper says John Schaefer is one of the county’s repeat offenders and was targeted in this sweep as well as similar sweeps two previous years.

During the day police knocked down the door of a home where prosecutors claim Ronald Raines was dealing meth.

Cooper says drugs, and especially meth, often serve as catalyst for other crimes so the busts are important for public safety in Franklin and all of Johnson County.

“These individuals may be out dealing drugs but often they’re doing other crimes to support their habit,” said Johnson County sheriff Doug Cox.

“What we’ll notice over the next couple of months with these people in jail or on the run, our crime rate will go down over the next couple of months,” said Cooper.

The prosecutor also has a warning for every drug dealer in central Indiana.

“If you’re going to deal drugs in Johnson County, law enforcement will come after you and arrest you,” said Cooper.

In some cases, departments in Marion County and other surrounding counties assisted in finding dealers, who crossed county lines to sell in Johnson County.

“Not all of them are from Johnson County,” Cooper said. “Some of them from other counties came in to Johnson County to deal, those are our favorite ones to catch because we don’t want them coming into our county.”

Authorities said the sweep was carried out peacefully, with no shots fired. No suspects or law enforcement officers were injured.

“This has gone incredibly smoothly today, and that’s comforting for all the officers involved as well as the defendants,” Cooper said.

“If you’re going to deal drugs in Johnson County, the law enforcement community is going to come after you, find you and arrest you,” Cooper said.

The sweep was part of a yearlong investigation into drug dealing around the county.

You can find the suspects and charges in the document below:

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