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DELPHI, Ind. – Another holiday season is here and the families of Abby Williams and Libby German have to spend another year without the girls and no closure.

The Delphi teens were found dead in Carroll County on Valentine’s Day last year. The killer is still out there, but Abby’s mom is focused on the positive and giving back to children in need through Abby’s Angels.

Delphi middle school students and community members packed up shoes boxes with school supplies and hygiene products to send overseas to children in need, passing on the kindness that was shown to them when Abby and Libby were tragically taken away.

“And this was something that was really important to Abby. She loved this project. Something we looked forward to doing together and I’m glad that we’re still doing it in her honor,” said Abby’s mom, Anna Williams.

And Anna feels Abby with her every step of the way.

“We go through all the stuff and we’re counting this and we’re figuring out on that and it’s back and forth, back and forth and the living room gets fuller and fuller and I just look around and go thanks. I hope it’s as meaningful to everyone here because it sure means a lot to me,” Anna said.

Principal Sarah Guston says paying it forward has been part of helping the students heal.

“With events like this these are great because it can keep raising awareness of the case and the fact that it still remains unsolved but it also gives up positive outlets for all the feelings and emotions that we have,” Guston said.

And the healing continues together.

“We are just a few days past the 21 month anniversary so there’s that it’s been hard but I’m grateful for the community still being here obviously and lots of my friends and family here helping with this. The quiet is kind of nice but it’s still sad,” Anna said.

The group packed up about 150 boxes this year. This year they put trackers on the boxes to get a better idea of who they’re helping. Last year many of the boxes went to children in Mexico.

To learn more about Abby’s Angels, visit the Facebook page.