Mother of 5-year-old girl killed in accidental shooting faces neglect charges

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Asia Turentine pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent on May 30, 2017.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against the mother of a 5-year-old girl who was killed in an accidental shooting.

Asia Turentine is charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, a level 1 felony, and neglect of a dependent in a situation that endangers the dependent, a level 6 felony.

D’asia Turentine was shot in the head inside her family’s northeast side apartment in the 4000 block of Newburgh Drive on New Year’s Eve. She passed away on January 3.

According to court documents, Asia was in the apartment with her son and D’asia when the shooting occurred. She had a handgun in her purse which she laid on her bed in the master bedroom. She told detectives that she bought the gun for self-defense.

Around noon, she put her children in their bedroom for a nap, and she went to sleep on the couch.

While she was asleep she heard a gunshot, and she heard her daughter scream. She awoke to find her son running out of her master bedroom into his bedroom.

Asia found her daughter in the master bedroom with her eyes closed, and she called 911.

Detectives asked Asia if her children had ever seen her gun before the shooting, and she said, “Yes, but they know not, I tell them all the time, even if they, if it‘s around and they see it, I say, ‘N0! N0! No!’ I always make that very clear so they know, and I say it a lot to let them know. They know not to go near it.”

Asia told detectives that she usually puts the gun on her closet shelf, and she did not know there was a bullet in the chamber of the gun. She said that she thought the safety on the gun was always on.

She also told detectives that she has no experience with guns, according to court documents.

Detectives interviewed Asia’s son. They asked him if anyone was hurt today, and he told them, “Yeah. . .her at home. . .I shoot her . . .In her face. . .In her face.” He told detectives he had never touched the gun before that day.

Asia was arrested this afternoon, and she is currently  being processed in the Marion County Jail.

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