Mother, daughter work front lines at Indiana long-term care facilities


INDIANAPOLIS– A mother and daughter are working on the front lines of this pandemic in our state’s long-term care facilities.

They want you to know nurses are doing everything they can to protect our most vulnerable.

More than 35% of the state’s COVID-19 deaths are from long-term care facilities. It is now a battleground for healthcare workers who are trying to keep sick residents alive.

According to data posted to Indiana’s coronavirus dashboard on Monday, 173 facilities have reported at least one case, and 105 have reported at least one death.

“There are people that do care about your family members that are in here. We are trying the best we can,” said Aubrey Baker, a qualified medication aide at Wildwood HealthCare Center on Indianapolis’ east side.

The company who operates the facility, CommuniCare Family of Companies, said nearly 80 residents at the facility are fighting the virus as of Wednesday.

“They are very scared, and I try to tell them that it is going to be okay. Not everyone dies from this,” said Baker.

She understands what her patients are going through because Baker said she tested positive for COVID-19 in late March. Her mom, Lenore Williams, actually told her the news.

“I have said many prayers, and you are always hopeful that it is not that your daughter is not one to come down with the virus,” said Williams, a regional director of clinical operations for CommuniCare.

Williams was in charge of preparing buildings for possible cases. CommuniCare Family of Companies said Wildwood HealthCare Center has three COVID-19 units.

“Our division alone has recovered over 150 patients, and I think it has been love and care our staff provides,” Williams said.

Williams explained the centers are adapting to new rules and working tirelessly to keep patients safe. This mission is personal for them as loved ones work on the front lines.

“If my mom was sitting a bed or my grandfather who recently passed away in a nursing home, I would want somebody to do the same thing for me,” said Baker.

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