More than 1,000 protest final stretch options of I-69 corridor

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MOORESVILLE, Ind. (December 2, 2015) – More than 1,000 people showed up to Mooresville High School Wednesday to voice concerns about the final new stretch of I-69.

It was the largest I-69 public hearing INDOT has ever had. Hundreds packed the gymnasium, leaving standing room only.

“Mooresville just pays for the mess as Hendricks and Marion County profit from it. I don’t call fast food and gas stations economic growth,” said Dr. Angela Blackwell, a Veterinarian in Mooresville whose animal hospital sits along a possible new stretch of I-69.

INDOT presented five options for the final route of I-69 Wednesday, two of which run right through Mooresville and impact the property and homes of hundreds.

“I have strong concerns with preliminary routes B, D, K3, and K4 due to the potential negative impact on the Mooresville Schools,” said Dr. David Marcotte, the Superintendent of Mooresville Schools.

“Well the D route would just about go through my house,” said Donovan Robinson.

Robinson has owned his historic Mooresville home, built in the 1850s, since the early 1980s. One proposed route of the final portion of the new I-69 would run right through Robinson’s yard, tanking he says, his property value.

“We have all kinds of hiking and so forth going on in the area and it would just be like having a China wall right down between Mooresville and the rest of Morgan County,” he said.

One INDOT option for the new highway is its original plan, which is to stick to the corridor along State Road 37.

Something seemingly everyone in Mooresville seems to agree on…

“In my perfect world they would go on up 37,” said Robinson. “I think the original plan probably makes sense,” said Ed Conder, another Mooresville resident. “I support I-69 staying on State Road 37,” said Blackwell.

Thursday night another INDOT meeting is expected to draw a huge crowd at Martinsville High School. INDOT officials say they will take the feedback from these public hearings and use it to determine which route for the final stretch of I-69, they will ultimately use.

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