Rain has returned to central Indiana as we’re closing the work week. Take the rain gear with you today but there will also be many rain-free hours in store for us. Spotty to widely scattered showers will be passing through the area during the morning. We’ll see an increase in coverage this afternoon, but even then, these showers will remain very hit and miss. A few storms are possible through the day but no severe weather is expected.

We remain warm with our 70-degree streak of days continuing on. Friday will be the 8th consecutive day where we make it to the 70s. You’ll notice the air feels heavier today as the humidity has been rising. The next couple of days are going to be on the sticky, somewhat uncomfortable side with the humidity. However, by early next week we get back into a more refreshing feel.

Rain sticks around for the weekend but much like today, it will be widely scattered in nature and there will be many, many dry hours to enjoy. Saturday will be the drier of the two days. Rainfall will be mostly spotty from the morning on into the mid afternoon before becoming widely scattered. Sunday will have more periods of rainfall around, but the day still isn’t a washout. Sunday is a day to be weather aware though as showers and storms developing in the afternoon and evening will have the potential to become strong to severe.

Next week is looking fantastic. The humidity will have lowered significantly, leaving us with a refreshing feel. Temperatures will be a little cooler, but still warm and we will have a lot of dry time to enjoy!