INDIANAPOLIS – Colts football is just days away and this year also marks a major milestone for the team.

This will be the team’s 40th season in Indianapolis. The Colts came to the Circle City back in 1984 after moving from Baltimore. If you speak to fans, it can be difficult to pick a favorite moment because there have been so many.

FOX59/CBS4 Colts insider Mike Chappell has been by the team’s side since the Mayflower trucks moved the team’s gear to Indianapolis back on day one in 1984.

“Forty years, yeah it’s really actually kind of incredible when you’re talking all that’s come and gone,” Chappell said.

Chappell has been covering the team for every season. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

“It’s really been kind of fun to see the growth,” he said. “Initially not much growth. Again, four and 12 the first year. But every team goes through these ‘cycles’ I guess. But if the Colts’ 40 years in Indy proves nothing else, it’s that if you have a quarterback you have a chance.”

Chappell said Anthony Richardson will be the Colts’ youngest quarterback in history and also the third youngest quarterback in NFL history. He said he is eager to watch him grow and see what he is capable of.

Chappell said it feels like the time has flown.

“It’s funny maybe when you just sit there and think about it, it’s not that fresh,” Chappell described. “But then when you start thinking about it, it’s this and it’s that and then it’s something else.”

The memories are endless he says. Chappell said what stands out most is the chance to meet players and share their stories.

“There have been some really, really quality people,” he said. “Yes players, I mean we’ve got a handful of hall of famers, but people.”

There are certainly moments that stick out to fans. Superbowl XLI of course is among those top moments.

“Lots of jumping around and screaming,” Colts fan Steve Bratley recalled. “We hopped in the car and drove to Dick’s Sporting Goods that night to get shirts.”

For some fans like Michael Hopson, who you may know as a Colts Superfan, it has been neat to just be a part of the culture.

“I just adopted the colts and on the trail they adopted me,” Hopson said. “The city, the town, it’s great.”

Hopson said he enjoyed the ups and downs and added a few smiles along the way.

“It’s a whole lot of fun,” he said. “You get to make people smile, fans smile.”

Chappell and fans alike said there could be some challenges ahead, but overall they are excited to watch Anthony Richardson and the rest of the team grow over the next few seasons.