FORTVILLE, Ind. — Eleven Mt. Vernon Middle School students who were hospitalized or sent home last week after taking edibles during class could be facing expulsion, according to their parents. 

“He just had one in his hand and said ‘You want some of this?’ and she said ‘Yeah’,” said parent Anoni Elmore. “What she described to me was a Sour Patch Kid in the shape of a square.”

Lisa Stocks and Elmore’s children were sent to the hospital. They said school administrators told them they believe the kids knew what they were ingesting.

The mothers said it was a mistake and that their kids didn’t know what they were eating.

“He was supposed to be their friend,” Stocks said. “The kid was supposed to be a friend of theirs.”

The parents said the school sent out a parent alert when the incident happened, but that they were never contacted directly. 

“Mind you, there was a staff member from Mt. Vernon school system in the emergency room with her,” Elmore said. “So, at that point, my mind is thinking someone definitely should have called me.”

According to the Mount Vernon Middle School Handbook, “students in possession, using, transmitting, selling or under the influence of a number of substances – including THC – will be subject to expulsion and arrest.”

One of the infractions listed in the handbook is “having gum or candy or an unauthorized beverages or food in class”. The handbook also states that a student would have to receive more than five infractions to be expelled. 

Stocks and Elmore said they’re both seeking legal guidance and that they want to send a caution to parents to talk with their kids.

“These are things out here potentially killing our kids, harming our children,” Elmore said. “And we need to stop it.”