Mom of teen questioned in connection with Plainfield cyber threats says son is innocent

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (Jan. 6, 2016)– The mom of one teen taken in for questioning in connection with the Plainfield cyber threats is speaking exclusively to CBS4 News telling the public her son is innocent.

“I will not stand back and watch them destroy my children,” said the mother.

Sources confirm to CBS4 that investigators questioned three people in connection to the violent online threats targeting Plainfield High School students.

“I think that it is totally unfair. Just because he was brought in for questioning on something does not mean he did it,” she said.

Authorities sent SWAT teams to homes Tuesday night to search for evidence.

“I got up. I went to answer the door and guns were pointed in my face,” said the mother.

Police took cell phones, computers, and other electronics out of those homes and brought the people in for questioning. The mother we spoke with says she was with her son the whole time.

“They asked him a bunch of questions about a bunch of things and then they asked him if he was Brian Kil. He said ‘no’ and they said ‘you said you were on Brian’s page,’” said the mom.

That post from the 16-year-old claimed he was Brian Kil, the person responsible for making the threats against an entire community is the reason the family believes investigators raided their home.

The teen is now suspended from Plainfield High School, according to the mother.

“You can not just expel him without getting actual proof because right now it is just circumstantial evidence,” said the mother.

Police have not formally released names or any connection to the threats at Plainfield High School, Danville High School, and the Shops at Perry Crossing. People on social media immediately posted information and pictures of those questioned. Something this mother says created false rumors and put a target on her son’s back.

“There was a school targeted, yes I understand that. But, do you understand that your false accusations got my children in trouble. My children count too,” said the mother.

Now, the family wants out of Plainfield and wants the police to find the person who is actually responsible for these threats.

“I want to know, do you actually have a real lead on Brian? From what is going in here and what happened last night…they don’t,” she said.

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