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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. – A Zionsville mother is facing charges after allegedly driving drunk with her two children in the backseat in Madison County.

Jennifer Boone, 33, was pulled over on southbound I-69 on May 29. According to probable cause affidavit, witnesses reported seeing her vehicle “all over the roadway.”

When officers arrived to the scene, Boone was in the passenger seat, a man was outside the vehicle and the two children were in car seats, the affidavit says.

Police say Boone admitted to drinking that day and driving the vehicle. Officers also say she had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and her balance was unsteady. The man at the scene told police that Boone had been drinking a vodka bottle while driving erratically, according to the affidavit.

A field sobriety test was performed, which was cut short after Boone failed multiple portions.

“I decided not to administer the remaining two field sobriety tests due to her unsafe balance and being on the interstate,” said officer Matthew Eby in the affidavit.

When the officer went to put Boone in custody, the affidavit says she resisted and caused both of them to step into the busy interstate and she knocked the officer’s body camera off. But she was eventually arrested.

DCS ended up taking the children to a local McDonalds, where their father picked them up.

Boone was transported a hospital for a blood draw and then taken to the Madison County Jail, where she was charged with OWI and neglect of a dependent charges.

Boone did submit a preliminary breath test, which registered at .332, according to the affidavit.