Mold issues prompt IU to accelerate dorm renovations; 2,000 students will live in off-campus apartments

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Students at Indiana University will move into their dorms in a little over a week.

But thousands of students won’t be in the dorm they originally planned.

That’s because IU is still renovating several dorms and working to remedy a mold outbreak that happened last year.

The two dorms affected are Foster and McNutt Quads. Mold issues started in those dorms last year.

There were already plans in place to renovate Foster and McNutt in 2021, but mold concerns during the 2018 fall semester prompted them to accelerate their plans. They began renovating the dorms after the spring semester ended earlier this year in May.

The accelerated renovations of Foster and McNutt are part of a plan to invest $300 million in student housing over the next six years, which includes renovation projects in all residence halls, as well as construction of the new North Hall which will be completed in 2020.

The renovations include new room designs and common spaces, new HVAC systems, new piping and air ducts as well as more modern amenities and decor similar to the recently renovated Forest, Read and Wells Quad residence halls.

University officials say they’ve already contracted out with three off-campus apartment complexes to house 2,000 students while the dorms are being renovated.

Mold issues and student housing have been an ongoing issue for students and parents. Last year, several students filed a lawsuit against the IU Board of Trustees saying the felt the university did not do enough to remedy the mold problem.

IU says they’re doing all they can, and that is why they moved up the renovation schedule for those two dorms where students saw most of the mold.

University officials say their main focus is just making sure there are no more mold issues and that all their students have a safe place to stay.

Students will move in starting August 18.

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