Missing Indy man found dead in his car in Morgan County

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. (June 12, 2015) – The body of a 47-year-old Indianapolis man was found in a car Wednesday.

He has been identified as Anton Dion Robinson, who went missing from Indianapolis earlier this month.

“It’s strange. Somebody passed away or they missing, and they gone now, and you find out they dead, you go wow, you know?” said one of Robinson’s neighbors.

The Indy man went missing on June 2. According to his missing person report, he “left his home to drive some relatives home and never returned.”

“There’s a gravel road that goes off into the farm and there’s a wooded area and the vehicle was parked on the backside of the woods so it wasn’t visible from the roadway,” said Captain Brent Worth with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies were called to the scene at a gravel road on a farm in Brooklyn, after a farmer there found an abandoned car, tucked away between fields of soy crop. Clues on the car helped quickly identify the man as Robinson.

“We’re not sure why he was here or how he got here, we’re investigating that now,” said Worth.

Investigators believe the body was dumped in the area with the actual murder committed elsewhere.

“We heard it was a body and it was just kind of scary to think there’s somebody dead lying down there in a field, you know in the woods,” said Cheryl Rosenfeld.

Homicides don’t happen all too often in Morgan County. The last one was more than a year ago.

Rosenfeld and her husband Tim live less than a mile from where Robinson was found. Now they have more questions than they do answers.

“Nobody wants a body in their backyard so I hope they find out who did it and find out soon, it would make people rest a little easier around here,” said Tim.

Deputies would not go into detail about the specific wounds that Robinson was found with. An autopsy though revealed “indications of lethal trauma.”

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