Central Indiana is currently sandwiched between two fronts. The stationary front to our south is the one responsible for our very wet weather early in the week. The cold front to our north is the one that is moving across the state and giving us a few spotty showers and storms that will diminish this evening.

Once the front passes, a much drier air mass will move in. Humidity will be lower and we have a nice stretch of weather ahead of us with minimal rain chances. Expect a sunny Friday with highs near 80 degrees. A few showers and/or storms will be possible Saturday evening into Sunday as another weather system moves through the region. However, we keep the heat on hold. By the middle of next week a taste of September arrives with highs only in the 70s.

Compared to last week, Indiana has greatly improved drought conditions. Moderate drought conditions dropped from 11% to 2.6%. Abnormally dry conditions dropped from 29% to 18%. What does this mean? “Abnormally dry” usually means the grass will turn brown, gardens will need to be watered more frequently, and crops are stressed. Once we hit the “Moderate” drought stage, there are more noticeable changes. Crops become more stressed, your lawn needs to be watered more often, and water levels begin to decrease.

After a dry start, our summer weather pattern has taken a wet turn.

Temperatures this summer have not been extreme.

Expect mild temperatures and more rain this weekend.