Mild weather impacts profits for local snow removal companies: ‘We haven’t even made $60’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – This mild weather has a lot of you talking.  We haven’t needed the big winter coat in a while.  However, this weather, has a direct impact on some companies. In fact, many businesses are keeping close watch on the forecast.

There’s no business, like snow business. “The last four years or so there’s been less and less snow it seems,” said Joshua Russ, the Owner of I Cut Grass, LLC.  Although it’s not in the name, snow removal is a big chunk of his profits.

“The winter we moved in here, I made close to $60,000 in snow removal. You take $60,000 and as of right now we haven’t made $60,” said Russ.

Russ is not alone in wondering where’s the snow this season?

“You start getting creative, what movies have I not seen this week?  Stuff like that,” said Russ jokingly.

Unfortunately, the .9 inches of snow this season, is not cutting it. Thankfully, Russ planned for this mild winter.

“In central Indiana, snow removal should really be considered candy money,” he said.

Chris Thomas with Thomas Lawn and Landscape agrees.  However, both say it’s hard not to think about the money that could be coming in.

“We’ll have anywhere from 100 residential properties down to 25-30 commercial properties that have to be done,” said Thomas.

When there’s no snow to plow that means a hit to the wallet.

“In one storm with two inches let’s say, it’s very easy to make $5, 6, 7, 8 or 9,000,” Russ added.

Although Thomas says, business is keeping busy with other landscaping projects. The recent rain is also bringing on new challenges.

“Some properties are so wet we can’t even get on there to do some of the work. So, that’s hindering as that it’s so warm and so wet,” he said.

And until the next snow hits, Russ and Thomas are left hoping mother nature will cooperate with their business plans.

Indy is prepared for when the snow does decide to hit.  The Indianapolis Department of Public Works and Mayor Hogsett added 11 new salt and plow trucks for this season.

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