CHICAGO — Focused on the economy, former Vice President Mike Pence spoke about inflation, spending, and turning around the woes of the country during a visit to Chicago Monday.

Pence delivered remarks at the University Club of Chicago and focused much of his time on President Joe Biden and what Pence believed the current administration has done wrong.

“The economic woes upon us have been caused almost single-handedly by one person, the 46th President of the United States of America, Joe Biden,” Pence said. “Never in my lifetime has there been a greater disconnect between the president and the American people.”

“Inflation is rampant. Gas and food prices are rising. Real wages are falling, and the stock market is plummeting,” said the former Vice President. “56% of Americans believe the country’s already in the midst of an economic recession.”

As he detailed the current economic situation and who he saw was at fault, Pence also celebrated the economic performance under the former administration.

“We passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. We cut taxes in half for the typical family of four, we doubled the child tax credit, we delivered more than $3.2 trillion in tax relief,” he said.

While critical of the efforts of the current administration, Pence provided some ideas as to how to improve the economy. It’s part of the platform outlined by his Advancing American Freedom organization.

“First and foremost, we must set ourselves on a path to liberate the American people from oppressive taxation, tyrannical bureaucracy, and the over-regulation that has our economy stuck in neutral or sliding backwards,” Pence said.

Some of the steps he cited included extending Trump-Pence tax cuts, limiting regulation, renegotiating trade agreements, and, above all, cutting spending and increasing energy.

“Lawmakers must end runaway inflation experienced under President Biden by slashing government spending. And requiring a balanced federal budget without raising taxes,” said Pence. “The biggest driver of inflation is runaway spending and Biden’s war in energy. So, we also need to unleash American energy, today.”

As he wrapped up, the former Vice President did offer some words of encouragement.

“But I would say to all of you, no matter what the coming days, no matter what the coming days and weeks hold, I want you to be encouraged. Remember that it’s always darkest, just before the dawn,” Pence said.

Today’s speech stayed on the topic of the economy, and Pence did not bring up the ongoing public hearings of the January 6th panel.

The House committee has been laying out the details of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to get his Vice President to overturn the 2020 election results. Trump has even criticized Pence for refusing to reject the Electoral College votes cast for Biden.

Pence may soon face the panel. On Sunday, members of the committee investigating the Capitol riot said that they may subpoena Pence.