Memphis rapper pays neighbors to pick up trash at his apartment complex


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis rapper is so disturbed by all of the trash piling up at the Hillview Village Apartments that he is paying his neighbors to pick it up.

Nator, who has lived at the apartments since he was 5 years old, said that Tuesday he offered his neighbors up to $500 to pick up and bag the trash. Five people took him up on his offer when sister station WREG tagged along for the second day of the cleanup.

“Yesterday, it was like three or four. Like, every day, one or two more people want to tag along and help,” he said.

Since Tuesday, Nator estimates he and his neighbors have filled about 50 trash bags with everything from run-of-the-mill litter to the downright disgusting.

“We see plenty dirty diapers out here. They just be throwing them,” Xavier Morris said.

Residents said apartment managers usually see to it that the grounds are kept clean, but they’ve been falling short lately.

“They normally have a little cleaning crew come around every morning, but I don’t know what happened. Now, they don’t be coming around no more,” Marcus Batts said.

Apartment managers did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

“Somebody had to do something about it, so I decided to step in and do something about it,” Nator said.

Morris is pleading with his neighbors to make sure it’s the last time they have to deal with this problem.

“It’s a big green garbage can. You can’t miss it. Why would you throw your trash on the ground? Just put it in the garbage can,” he said.

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