GRANT COUNTY, Ind. — The Grant County Sheriff’s Office welcomed a new member to its K-9 program this week, introducing a black labrador named “Jeb” who will assist deputies with investigating crimes involving the exploitation of children.

Image provided by Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeb is trained to locate electronics including cell phones, SIM cards, and any digital devices containing chips, GCSO said.

The sheriff’s office said this skillset will prove instrumental during human trafficking investigations.

“The use of this team in protecting children is unmeasurable by finding pornography and documents relating to human trafficking hidden on devices during investigations,” GCSO said in a news release.

The sheriff’s office confirmed that Jeb will work alongside Captain Matt Sneed to provide assistance in investigations of crimes against children.

Jeb’s integration into the sheriff’s office was made possible through a grant provided by “Knot Today”, according to GCSO. The organization offers programs and strategies aimed at preventing the trafficking and exploitation of children and generating awareness of the global issue.