Medic reunite with 11-year-old girl after life-threatening injury

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BARGERSVILLE, Ind. — A Greenwood family got a special reunion with the medics who are credited with saving their daughter’s life after she fell off a horse and the animal stepped on her.

“As she fell to the ground she was knocked unconscious, but the horse kept bucking and came full force onto her face,” Emma Duncan’s father, Jared Duncan, said. “It’s just a true miracle and they were all part of it to help her live through it and it’s just amazing.”

After the horse stepped on her face, Emma Duncan suffered several broken bones and a concussion.

“She was bloody, gurgling, she couldn’t breathe very good and wasn’t talking to me. It was like a nightmare,” Emma’s mother, Holly Duncan said. “She just kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die. I don’t’ want to die.’”

EMS crews responded and got Emma in an ambulance. They took her to a nearby school, so she could be flown to Riley Hospital as quickly as possible. After several surgeries, Emma was able to go home a few days later, but struggled with the effects of the concussion for months.

“It was a hard ride for a few months with her concussion,” Holly said.

Today, Emma still has headaches from the concussion. She’ll also have surgery on her nose in a few years, once it grows more. Other than that, she’s a healthy 11-year-old.

Saturday, the medics who saved Emma reunited with her for her eleventh birthday.

“This isn’t something we get to see a lot,” Lifeline Paramedic Matt Myers said. “These are always good. It’s what we do our job for.”

“We never get to see this,” Paramedic Patrick Pason said. “This is really cool for us to see her running around, energetic (and) you really can’t see scars. She’s a beautiful little girl.”

A beautiful little girl with two very thankful parents.

“We appreciate it so much because we feel it’s a blessing and a miracle that’s she’s here,” Jared Duncan said.

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