Mayor Hogsett calls on business community for summer jobs


Joe Hogsett

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 9, 2016) – During an appearance before the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, Mayor Joe Hogsett called on the local business community to help him make good on a campaign pledge to put one thousand teenagers to work this coming summer.

Hogsett told the packed room of more than one hundred corporate, not-for-profit and community leaders that there are an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 underemployed older teens who are at risk.

“If they have nothing to do, rarely will they do nothing,” said Hogsett.

The mayor’s request for GIPC members to lead the way in creating one thousand summer jobs, approximately six weeks in duration, would help Metro Police Chief Troy Riggs in development of his holistic approach to solving crime in the city’s toughest neighborhoods.

Riggs’ plan to link law enforcement with crime prevention, mental illness intervention, food security and other quality-of-life issues will be discussed during a National Public Safety Forum at the Central Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library this afternoon.

Hogsett said his office would coordinate a teen jobs program that would link up with existing efforts through Teenworks and KIB which provide employment for youth.

The mayor envisions summer jobs that would teach teens how to access the internet for research and application of resume and scholarship skills.

Hogsett will give the keynote address at the forum which will feature an address by Chief R.C. White of the Denver Police Department and a researcher who examined the role of police in the Ferguson, Missouri, unrest of 2014.

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