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INDIANAPOLIS — People across Central Indiana don’t have internet because of a nationwide outage. The Comcast/Xfinity outage started around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and is affecting internet, TV and phones. The company’s outage map shows outages across the country.

CBS4 talked to several businesses who couldn’t take credit card transactions or had to cancel appointments because the internet is down.

Doctor Jeffrey Stevens, a Podiatrist on Indy’s south side, said he and his office staff noticed the outage around 8:15 Tuesday morning.

“We couldn’t get online, which impacts us quite greatly when we’re trying to see patients,” Dr Stevens said.  “We can’t look back on why the patient’s been seen before, what kind of records they have, how they’ve been treated.”

Dr. Stevens pointed out that an outage like today is a serious hinderance to the medical industry because so much of it depends on the internet for online record keeping and communications.

“You know, I always joke that we spend more time on the computer than we do seeing patients anymore,” he said.  “Because we’re all built in so we can communicate with the hospitals and other medical facilities so we can tell them what we need to do and what we need to order.”

Gage Lewis, with SCG Technologies, says days like this illustrate why businesses need to take precautions against internet outages.

“Outages like this, they kind of go up and down,” Lewis said.  “So you may come back up, you may go back down, may come back up, may go back down.  Unfortunately it is a little bit of a waiting game once you’re in it.”

He recommends businesses pay the extra money for a backup internet line from a different provider.  

“You know, if you can tolerate the additional fee every month to get a secondary internet service, it’s definitely what we recommend for most of our small business clients,” Lewis said.  “If you have Comcast as your main one, AT&T is probably in your area as well.  You can just get their most plain one they offer because you’re not going to use it very often and only in emergencies.”

While it may be difficult to accept paying for a second internet line that’s rarely needed, Lewis said it could be worth the extra expense for many businesses.

“It kind of comes down to what is your business need,” he said.  “Is one day of downtime going to crush you, or are you going to be okay with it.”

For individuals working from home, Lewis recommends making sure your cellular plan includes hotspot data.  That will also include an extra cost for your phone line, but would also allow you to use your smartphone as an internet signal while your main internet service is down.

Comcast says some customers are continuing to have issues, which is something we’ve heard from our viewers.

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