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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Severe storms over the weekend spun three tornados across central Indiana. The whipping winds made their way to Martinsville, where a TikToker caught on camera the moment the storm hit his home.

Brian Wagaman can often be seen on TikTok in his tow truck with his famous cat companion. The Martinsville tow truck driver has more than half a million followers. His account was the first place he posted the storm video.

“We went without power the first night, and about mid-afternoon the next day the power finally came on. I was able to look at the cameras,” said Wagaman, “The barn, it was all the way next door on a wooden pallet. It ripped it up off the pallet, and it rolled down the road like a bowling ball head-over-heels.”

You can see the winds beginning to engulf his driveway. The door of the shed slammed into one of his cars. At one point, the storm knocked several trees into the railroad tracks that run by his home.

“There were trees down all over the place. It was like a maze having to get through town,” explained Wagaman. “We had a guy [at the two truck company Wagaman works for], he got on the fork lift and helped police move the trees out of the roads to help get people home.”

The Morgan County Emergency Management Agency says three properties in the county saw severe damage. A mobile home had a tree fall onto the back of it, and another home had a tree fall onto the garage. Two cars in the county also had trees land on them.