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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Residents in a Martinsville neighborhood are dealing with serious flooding after heavy rain Tuesday.

People who live just off Upper Patton Park Road say the creek behind their properties is overflowing. The neighborhood association president tells CBS4 they are currently between level three and level two flooding. If they get to level one, the board president will have to call for evacuations.

Niles Duncan has lived in that area for about 10 years. Simply getting to his house became difficult Tuesday morning. His home was surrounded by high water.

“I’m losing the value of my house,” Duncan said. “It keeps destroying my house.”

And with more rain possible, he spent much of the day closely monitoring the water levels.

“If it ever continues, it is just going to get to the point where it’s going to just wash my house away,” Duncan said.

He said the only reason the only reason water isn’t rushing into his home is because the structure is a bit off the ground thanks to stilts. But, Duncan’s son, who lives next door, is not that lucky.

“Dealing with water in my bathroom, living room and baby’s bedroom,” said Niles Duncan Jr.

While some in the neighborhood have flood insurance, others will have to bare the cost of repairs on their own.

“There’s probably a few houses down through here that’s flooded,” Duncan Jr. said. “Nobody’s got money, people with families. They don’t have money to keep doing that.”