Martinsville Fire Department installs blue reflectors to help find hydrants

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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Dozens of blue reflectors are popping up on streets in Martinsville. They’re actually there to help the fire department during an emergency.

Every second counts during a fire call, so firefighters want to hook up their hoses as quickly as possible. Sometimes in Martinsville, they have to rely on memory when trying to find a hydrant.

"We don’t have those hydrants yet on a computer system where the dispatch may tell you where it is at," said Chief Terry Anderson.

Chief Anderson said it's even more challenging at night. He believes they found a cheap solution. Right now, 100 blue reflectors on the road are telling his crew a fire hydrant is nearby.

"Just being able to see that blue reflector up ahead takes a little bit of guess work out of trying to find your water supply," he said.

Residents are starting to notice. Michael Chalupa wants to make sure fighters have more time to save his home rather than spend time looking for hydrants.

"They will be able to save the structures a lot easier without as much hassle," Chalupa said.

Chief Anderson believes this tool will be an asset. They plan to install roughly 400 more reflectors in the near future.

Each reflector costs about $5. The fire department got the funding from extra money raised during a city-wide auction.

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