Marion police release details after arrest video goes viral

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MARION, Ind. — The Marion Police Department has released details of an arrest after a video of the incident created buzz online.

Around 2:30 p.m. Saturday, police say they saw a man matching the description of 27-year-old Julian Paegle enter a residence in the 800 block of East 26th Street. Paegle was wanted in Grant County on an active warrant for failure to appear and by the Indiana Department of Corrections on an active warrant for escape.

When police knocked on the door, they say a middle aged man told them Paegle was in the bedroom. Officers found Paegle attempting to climb through the window and were able to take control of him in the back yard, according to police.

Marion police say although Paegle struggled, they were eventually able to place handcuffs on him and escort him to a patrol vehicle.

As they approached the vehicle, Paegle allegedly became combative and was able to break free. He fled, but was quickly caught and tackled by officers.

Police say Paegle repeatedly kicked the officers while on the ground. One of the officers then delivered two kicks to Paegle’s back.

After being kicked, Paegle said, “Okay, I’m done!” and stopped physically resisting, according to Marion police.

Paegle was then taken to the Grant County Jail without incident.

In an interview after his arrest, police say Paegle was apologetic for the incident and stated that he was “fighting for his freedom.” Paegle reportedly had no complaint of pain and sustained only minor abrasions on his hands and elbows.

Police say one officer involved sustained abrasions and swelling to his hand, and the other sustained abrasions to his forearm.

In addition to his warrants, Paegle is facing 2 charges of resisting law enforcement with injury to another and two charges of battery resulting in injury to a law enforcement officer.

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