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INDIANAPOLIS — Downtown Indianapolis will surely see an increase of residents and visitors enjoying the beautiful weather and Final Four tournament this weekend. But Marion County Public Health officials want you to stay safe while you are enjoying the games the city is proudly hosting.

“With really great, strict, stringent medical protocols, and following and adhering to those protocols, can result in having a safe environment, a safe city,” Dr. Virginia Caine said.

Caine urges people to continue staying vigilant as we draw closer to the finish line of this pandemic.

“I want you to spend a little money in our city now, especially downtown, okay,” Caine said. “But while you’re doing it, please wear a mask when you’re out in public places. Remember to do that social distancing and wash your hands constantly.”

Bars can operate at 50% capacity while restaurants are able to operate at 75% capacity. The mask mandate continues in Marion County.

“Don’t hug, I want you to do the Indy bop now,” Caine said. “You may see people you haven’t seen in a good while. So, as long as you can do that and enjoy yourself, we’re going to be very pleased.”