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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A man involved in a deadly street racing crash from 2015 has been sentenced to 14 years.

Connor Tomlinson pleaded guilty to three counts of reckless homicide in September in connection with the crash, which happened on Dec. 23, 2015, on the South East Street overpass on I-465.

On Friday a judge sentenced Tomlinson to 14 years for the crime.  The 14 year sentence includes 5 years behind bars, 3 on home detention and 6 years on probation.

Several witnesses claim the driver of a Mustang tried to race a Corvette but lost control and slammed head first into an SUV.

Rebecca Rodriguez-Gomez, 52, Jasmine Alday-Rodriguez, 12, and Rogelio Legorreta, 59 were killed.

Tomlinson was charged and later pleaded guilty to reckless homicide.

“There were no winners here.  It was a tragic loss of life,” said Tomlinson’s attorney Frederick Vaiana.

According to court records, crash data showed Tomlinson was driving at least 40 miles an hour over the speed limit at the time of the crash.   To this day Tomlinson has no recollection of the accident, but in court he took full responsibility.

“He’s devastated by this as is his family.  He said in court that if he could trade his life for the victim’s he absolutely would,” said Vaiana.

The plea deal and sentence means Tomlinson will have to spend the next 5 years in prison with 9 additional years of supervision.

“There’s nothing we can do to get those 3 lives lost back, but we are happy it ended short of trial,” said Marion county deputy prosecutor Brandon Skates.

The family for two of the victims issued a statement that read, “There is no sentence that makes a family whole after a loss like this.  My hope is Mr. Tomlinson grows to be a better person and does something positive with his life after serving his sentence.”

“Our sympathies go to the families of Ms. Rodriguez-Gomez, her daughter Jasmine, and Mr. Legorreta,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said in a statement. “This senseless tragedy and the loss suffered by their families was the result of Mr. Tomlinson’s choice to engage in horribly reckless behavior. We are pleased that through this plea agreement he has been held accountable for that choice and hope that this sentence serves as a warning for others who would take such risks.”

Prosecutors say while drugs or alcohol did not play a part in the crash, one reckless decision cost 3 lives.   They hope the story serves as a safety lesson for drivers everywhere.

“I think our hope is people see this case and use that as motivation to act responsibly on the streets,” said Skates.

Tomlinson will begin serving his prison sentence immediately.  Prior to the crash, Tomlinson did not have any previous criminal history.