Man receives rare five-organ transplant surgery


INDIANAPOLIS– It was a birthday gift unlike any other as a team of doctors at IU Health performed the impossible to save a man’s life. 

Phillip Hanks of Joliet, Ill., underwent a five-organ transplant surgery after going into liver failure.

Only 5 to 10 people receive a multi-organ transplant every year and few doctors in the country are able to perform it. 

Hanks says a team of doctors at IU Health achieved the impossible. 

“There was a reason no one else wanted to do this operation–he was very high risk,” said Dr. Richard Mangus, a transplant surgeon at IU Health.

“Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so love everyone as much as you can today,” Hanks said.

It’s been nearly three months after his surgery and Hanks says he is stronger than ever. 

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