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INDIANAPOLIS — Police need your help in finding an aggressive cyclist accused of knocking a man off his bike.

The fall caused 41-year-old Terry Morris to go unconscious and left him with a concussion.

“You know who you are. What you did was heinous and was wrong, and the right thing to do is to turn yourself in and explain to the authorities what happened,” said Morris’ friend, Aaron Williams.

People are angry and upset after witnesses say Morris was pushed off his bike Saturday morning along the Monon Trail.

“Truly one of the scariest things that I’ve seen with my own eyes. You could tell immediately by the way the gentleman fell down and laid there that something serious had happened to him,” witness Casey Miller said.

According to Miller, Morris was riding southbound on the trail near 75th Street when an aggressive cyclist came up behind him and knocked Morris off his bike.

“Several eyewitnesses that stayed around to talk to police mentioned there was a gentleman riding pretty aggressively and screamed some expletives and curse words. Then he actually did lift up an elbow and nudge him,” Miller explained.

Miller said Morris had a helmet on but was knocked unconscious, and the cyclist who did it was fully aware of what happened.

“He stopped very briefly, slowed down, turned back around and said something to the, like, you guys got this. He turned around and kept cycling on the Monon,” Miller said.

Thankfully, a nurse was on the scene to watch Morris until paramedics arrived.

He was taken to the hospital.

“He has a pretty severe concussion from [what] health officials are telling him and his doctors now.” Williams said.

Williams said Morris just started picking up cycling as a new hobby, and if it wasn’t for his helmet, his injuries could’ve been a lot worse.

“This is a family man. His family just recently celebrated a newborn baby that was a miracle child, and that could’ve all been taken away from him and his family because someone decided to be selfish and evil,” Williams explained.

IMPD has opened an investigation and is looking for the cyclist.

Miller thinks people should be more kind.

“Let’s not lead with anger, frustration and hurt. Let’s lead a little bit more with compassion, understanding and love,” Miller said.

Williams is hoping the cyclist owns up to what they did and turns themselves into police.

“Even if you’re having a bad day, don’t take that out on someone else. Your small action can have a lifelong impact on someone else,” Williams said.

Morris is out of the hospital and is expected to be okay.

Police are still working to find out who this aggressive cyclist is. Anyone with information should call IMPD’s North District Office at (317) 327-6100.