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CICERO, Ind. – If you drive through Cicero, you can’t miss “TRUMP” cut out right in the grass along Main Street. The man behind the display said he got tired of getting his Trump signs stolen, so he made one a thief couldn’t take.

“I decided to take matters into my own hands. It’s the greatest country on earth,” said Jerrald Hawkins.

You can call it a grassroots effort. Literally.

“It’s more of a protest of all the thefts of the trump signs that’s been going around,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said Saturday he got his mower moving to prove a point. His fifth Donald Trump sign disappeared, so he spent six hours trimming his grass into a landscaped message.

Hawkins is a CAD engineer by trade, so the work didn’t prove to be too difficult.

“I need to apologize to Governor Pence. I ran out of yard, so I couldn’t get his name down there,” he said. (Update: Pence is now included in the display.)

The design faces Cicero’s Main Street.

“I haven’t had a single complaint other than online internet trolls that say they’ll come burn it down,” Hawkins said.

But we found a complainer in town, Jenny Newton.

“It is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

She’s no Trump fan. In fact, she’s voting for Hillary Clinton. Though while she doesn’t approve of the landscaped message, she’s glad Hawkins has the right to create it.

“Good for him for being proud of who he supports. It’s America. We can do that. But I just personally hate driving by and looking at it,” she said.

Hawkins said the grass isn’t getting trimmed anytime soon.

“I’m going to keep cutting it like this until Trump’s elected,” he said.