Man facing charges after allegedly stealing AR-15 from Muncie gun show


Kassidy Phipps

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MUNCIE, Ind. – An Indiana man was arrested on several charges Sunday after authorities say he stole an AR-15 off a table at a gun show at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

When a deputy arrived to the incident in the 1200 block of North Wheeling Avenue, he found two men standing watch over the suspect, Kassidy Phipps, 29. One of the men informed the deputy that Phipps had given a retired officer at the show consent to search his truck, where he found the stolen AR-15 along with several syringes.

More syringes and heroin were found when Kassidy was taken into custody and searched. When asked why he stole the firearm, Phipps told the deputy that he was “hard up and needing money.”

Kassidy was transported to the Delaware County Jail, where he was charged with theft, possession of syringes, receiving stolen property, and possession of a narcotic drug.

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