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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The man who shot at two separate IMPD headquarters was sentenced on Friday morning to 37 years behind bars and three years of probation.

Earlier this month, Damoine Wilcoxson was convicted for firing at IMPD North and Northwest district headquarters while officers were inside.

He was found guilty of two counts attempted murder and one criminal recklessness charge.

Police say numerous shell cases were found at both scenes as well as a handwritten note.

“There’s no expectation when you become a police officer that you’ll be actively hunted,” said IMPD Police Chief Bryan Roach as he walked out of the courtroom.

When asked if he felt Wilcoxson appeared remorseful in court, Roach said he didn’t believe so.

“He seemed to be comfortable, smiling at times. So I don’t know. I don’t know. Didn’t appear to be.”

Prosecutors wanted a longer sentence, but believe 37 years still sends a strong message to Wilcoxson.

“We just kind of hope for healing in the community going forward and the police department as well. As far as Mr. Wilcoxson is concerned, I believe the message was sent to him that the behavior is not going to be tolerated,” said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jayson McGrath.

Wilcoxson still faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly shooting at officers when he was being arrested on Halloween last year. Investigators were able to match those shell casings to a gun Wilcoxson had.

“It is simply a miracle that officers at the North District headquarters were not injured or killed in the rapid fire of 16 high-powered rounds at the District headquarters, including a round which missed an officer’s head by inches,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said. “Damoine Wilcoxson intentionally targeted our public safety officers, and we are obviously pleased that the excellent work by IMPD investigators and our staff has resulted in these convictions.”

Wilcoxson is also charged with murder from a fatal shooting in Zionsville.

Police believe he is responsible for the murder of 82-year-old Jac Clements, who was at his mailbox when a man armed with an assault weapon opened fire, killing him. He will go to trial for that in May.