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UPDATE (11/22/2022): Taylor was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Nov. 22 after pleading guilty to rape.


INDIANAPOLIS — A man who was convicted in the death of a pastor’s pregnant wife who was shot during a home invasion robbery will now serve additional time after pleading guilty to a rape that happened in the week before her death.

On Thursday, Larry Taylor Jr. pleaded guilty to his role in the November 2015 sexual assault of a woman on Indianapolis’ west side. The burglary and rape took place in the victim’s apartment while she was in the shower.

“…The bathroom light went off … she peaked around the shower curtain and observed a male pointing a gun at her,” a detective said in a probable cause affidavit filed in the case.

The men demanded money and asked where her bank cards were. The victim said she was ordered to lie on the floor of her bedroom.

The document states Taylor sexually assaulted the victim at gunpoint while Jalen Watson went through the apartment, taking items that belonged to the victim and her roommate.

FOX59 previously reported that at one point, the victim said Watson came into the room and told Taylor to stop, saying “that was ‘not what we’re here for.’” She said the pair got “spooked” and ran out of the apartment with a cell phone, laptop, television, jewelry, headphones and a purse. They also stole the victim’s car.

The sexual assault took place on November 3, just one week before the home invasion robbery that would result in Amanda Blackburn’s death. Taylor was sentenced to 86 years for his role in that case.

In the sexual assault case, Taylor pleaded guilty to rape. The Marion County Prosecutor’s office said he will receive a 20-year sentence in the Department of Correction. This sentence will be served consecutively to his existing sentence.

Watson previously pleaded guilty to burglary for his role in the crime. He is currently serving a 29-year prison sentence.

A hearing is set for November 22 for Taylor to be formally sentenced in the rape case.