Man charged in infant son’s murder after 3 months


Aaron Jorgensen

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 18, 2016) - An Indianapolis man was arrested for allegedly murdering his newborn baby boy three months after the crime.

Aaron Jorgensen was arrested Thursday for the murder of his 4-month-old baby. Court records show an ambulance responded to the home on December 21, 2015 after someone called 911 to report the baby wasn't breathing.

Charges were filed against Jorgensen nearly three months later. The Marion County Prosecutors Office says every case is different. If a suspect confesses to a crime, the chances are greater for that person to be arrested and charged the same day.

According to court records, Jorgensen didn't confess to investigators. Instead, he changed his story multiple times. He claims he doesn't know how the baby received the deadly injuries.

Marion County Prosecutors Office Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Hall specializes in children's homicide cases. While she cannot comment on this case, she said often times autopsies and other test results can take up to three months to be released.

“We have to wait on the autopsy and then we also have to wait on the what’s called an histology report, where tissue of the brain specifically is sent off by the lab specifically," Hall explained.

Court records state the cause of death was determined to be "blunt force traumatic injury of the head (non-accidental) with subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhages at multiple sites and with two different ages of infliction. Further hemorrhaging was noted to the left eye. The manner of death was ruled a homicide."

Another important aspect of the investigation is gathering interviews. Hall said sensitivity is crucial when it comes to interviewing potential witnesses.

"We’re interviewing likely  parents who have just lost their child, so those interviews are unique," said Hall.

Once autopsy results are in, interview results are complete, and other medical records are obtained, Hall said investigators will start formulating a timeline of what may have happened.

“We want to make sure that our investigation is thorough and that we’ve talked to everybody and we’ve put all the pieces of this huge puzzle together before we charge somebody with that kind of crime," Hall said.

A no-contact order was filed by the court on Thursday when Jorgensen was arrested.

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