Man caught on camera breaking into local pastors home

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INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – Home surveillance video captures a burglar breaking into a local pastor’s home Sunday morning near Fountain Square.

“He was looking around to see if anybody was watching him and then he had a tool that he used to shimmy the window up. Then he climbed over my son’s desk,” says homeowner Melissa Campbell.

The video shows the man pushing up the window and sneaking inside, ransacking the entire home in just seconds.

“It is a heavy window. There is a book shelf in the way, he would have had to climb in between the shelves,” says Pastor Aaron Campbell who lives at the home.

The man was searching the entire home for valuables and had no idea the cameras were still rolling.

“I was very surprised that within two minutes he had gone through the living room, dining room, bedroom, and office,” says Pastor Campbell.

The family says the suspect stole at least a thousand dollars’ worth of jewelery and other items that cannot be replaced.

“Also, my earrings that I had from my mom…she just passed away on the 15th are gone,” says Melissa.

While the suspect was breaking into the family’s home, they were at the church just up the road. Pastor Campbell says he got a notification on his cellphone telling him to check his surveillance video. He then saw the man breaking into his home and called police.

“I was about to pray up on the platform and I called 911. I was like someone is breaking into my house right now. I’m watching it on the camera,” says Pastor Campbell.

The suspect ran down the street getting away before police arrived. Now, Pastor Campbell and his family are asking the public to help identify the man that not only stole their valuables, but also their sense of security.

“It is not that we do not want visitors, we are welcoming people. We just do not want people coming in to take things that do not belong to them,” says Pastor Campbell.



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