Johnson County murder suspect admitted to killing ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, sheriff says


Joseph Avart

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UPDATE (Nov. 14, 2017) -- Joseph Avart pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and burglary. He was sentenced to 25 years on the manslaughter charge and 35 years on the burglary charge. He'll serve the sentences concurrently.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. -- The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office released new details today in connection with a recent homicide.

Prosecutors now say a love triangle turned deadly earlier this month.

Murder charges have been formally filed against Joseph Avart, 37, of Plainfield for the death of Andrew Perry, 50.

Perry’s mother found the victim dead and lying in a pool of blood in his Greenwood home on December 2 after she went to check on him.

Investigators later determined that Perry died from blunt force trauma to the head with a penetrating injury.  The Johnson County sheriff ays at this time, they believe the weapon used was either an ice pick or a screwdriver.

Perry had a live-in girlfriend, and he made two prior police reports that both involved Avart.  Avart was the ex-boyfriend of Perry’s girlfriend.

Police reports indicate that Avart was “obsessed” with his ex-girlfriend and he stalked them. Avart would often show up at their house, peering in windows and making harassing phone calls.

"The investigators discovered it appeared the crime scene was staged," said Johnson County sheriff Doug Cox.

Cox says Avart admitted going to Perry’s home to confront him.   After allegedly killing Perry, Avart attempted to make the scene appear as if a burglary occurred.

"We had kitchen drawers that were emptied and thrown about the kitchen area and we had a baggie with what appeared to be narcotics laying on the floor near the deceased," said Cox.

The sheriff says that baggie found at the crime scene contained some sort of baking soda made to look like cocaine, which Avart later claimed he left on accident.

"In his statement Avart said he dropped it out of his pocket and that he did not intend to drop that, but we suspect he left it there intentionally and that it was not an accident on his part," said Cox.

Avart left court without a word before being taken back to jail, but prosecutors say he has fully confessed to the crime.

Prosecutors do not believe the girlfriend played any role in the killing.

The last line in the affidavit says Avart  wrote a letter to Perry’s family apologizing for the murder.

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